On Toolkit Dialogs
Jamie Zawinski, 2004

Minimal library usage by the xscreensaver daemon.

All password boxes are not alike.

Segregation of library usage.

Splitting out the lock dialog.

In summary:

Epilogue, 2016: I told you so.

Also I remind you that the Turing Police say you have more than two problems, and we live in a magical future where "strings" is exploitable.

It's amazing that anything works at all.

Update, 2019: Almost two decades ago, the engineers at Sun read all of the above, and then said to themselves, "Well that's all very interesting, but we really, really want to link the entire GNOME library stack into xscreensaver, so we're gonna go ahead and do that anyway." Surprise, the thing that I said would happen happened, and in 2019 a privilege escalation was discovered in their forked version of xscreensaver.

Update, 2021: Cinnamon-screensaver got popped, again.

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