a collection of
free screen savers
for X11, macOS,
iOS and Android

by Jamie Zawinski
and many others.

The XScreenSaver program consists of three main programs that one might want to invoke explicitly. Each one has its own manual. These should have been installed as Unix man pages when xscreensaver was installed, but HTML versions of the manuals are available below.

xscreensaver The xscreensaver program is a daemon: it runs in the background, and waits for the keyboard and mouse to become idle. When they do, it blanks the screen, optionally locks it, and launches various graphics demos.
xscreensaver-settings The xscreensaver-settings program is the graphical user interface to xscreensaver. It lets you tune the various parameters used by the xscreensaver daemon, and browse through the graphics demos. In effect, it is a tool for letting you edit your ~/.xscreensaver file.
xscreensaver-command The xscreensaver-command program is a command-line tool for controlling the xscreensaver daemon; it is most useful when run by shell scripts, or from menu items. It lets you do things like tell the xscreensaver daemon to lock the screen immediately.
Frequently Asked
This FAQ contains the most common questions and answers, most of which are also addressed in the above manuals; plus a grab-bag of other questions which don't really fit elsewhere.

In addition, all of the graphics demos used by xscreensaver have their own manual pages (since they are standalone programs in their own right.) But they are not duplicated here.

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