a collection of
free screen savers
for X11, macOS,
iOS and Android

by Jamie Zawinski
and many others.

If any part of the XScreenSaver collection appears to have a bug, I need as much information as possible about what went wrong. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can. I'll also need to know:

macOS, iOS and Android users:

If using macOS, please do the following:

If a particular option setting is making one of the screen savers crash, you can reset the options to the default state by deleting the corresponding file in "Library/Preferences/ByHost/". The file name will begin with "org.jwz.xscreensaver.SaverName".

X11 users:

And finally, email your bug report to jwz@jwz.org.

Please try to give it a descriptive subject line! A good subject would be something like "dangerball stops spinning". A bad subject would be "xscreensaver bug".

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