a collection of
free screen savers
for X11, macOS,
iOS and Android

by Jamie Zawinski
and many others.

If any part of the XScreenSaver collection appears to have a bug, I need as much information as possible about what went wrong. Please describe the problem in as much detail as you can.
All versions

  • Which screen saver is it?

  • What is the XScreenSaver version number?
    Don't just say "the latest version" or "the version that came with Fedora 4".

  • What is the operating system name, version number and/or distro?

  • What is your hardware model name/number?

  • Have you tried the latest version of XScreenSaver to see if your bug is already fixed? (Some Linux distros ship versions of XScreenSaver that are years out-of-date.)
macOS version only

  • To gather the last two days worth of logs from the screen saver, paste this into Terminal.app. It will print a lot of data:

    sudo log show --info --last 2d --pred \
    'process == "ScreenSaverEngine"'

    or to see it in realtime:

    sudo log stream --info --pred \
    'process == "ScreenSaverEngine"'

  • If the "Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports" folder (under your home directory) contains files for "ScreenSaverEngine" or "System Preferences", include those as well.

  • If a particular option setting is making one of the screen savers crash, you can reset the options to the default state by deleting the corresponding file in "Library/Preferences/ByHost/". The file name will begin with "org.jwz.xscreensaver.SaverName".
X11 version only

  • Have you read the FAQ?

  • If the problem is reproducible, please type the following into a shell:

    xscreensaver-command -exit
    xscreensaver -v -log log.txt

    That will re-start XScreenSaver and append diagnostics to the "log.txt" file. When the problem happens again, send me the complete contents of that file.

    HEY! Listen up!

    I cannot emphasize enough how important sending that complete log file is -- and how many people choose to skip this part. I assure you, if you email me a bug report without a log, I'm just going to reply to you asking for the log, and then we have to start over. So just send the log file the first time, ok?

And finally, email your bug report to jwz@jwz.org.

Please try to give it a descriptive subject line! A good subject would be something like "dangerball stops spinning". A bad subject would be "xscreensaver bug".

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