Subject:  tent of doom
Date:  Mon, 30 Oct 1995 12:31:27 -0500
From:  Roger Gonzalez <>

Back a year or two ago, when I made the mistake of working for an evil defense contractor (and Lou stole/outdid my FishCam idea, but that's another story), camo netting was actually a fairly popular office motif.

I thought we had done up our office fairly nicely in netting, but then I went to baby our simulation software through a exercise/demo at Fort Knox, and I discovered that the Army takes their camo netting Very Seriously.

Picture a giant warehouse. Its 1 am; harsh mercury lights beam down on rows and rows of humming tank simulators. In one corner of the warehouse is a giant tent of plywood and camo netting. Inside are a group of frantic developers trying to chase bugs out of their code before the demo the next day. Purple and turquoise SGI cases peek out between the gaps in camo netting.

It was the most bizarre development environment I've ever worked in. We'd bring in a new Onyx, and within an hour somebody would have swaddled it in camo netting.

Two notes:

  1. The smell of camo netting never fades, as far as I can tell.
  2. It makes a great home for bugs. It got so that I was somewhat afraid to lift any off the floor, because of the creeping horrors that would scuttle out of the light.



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