23-30 aug 2004

photos by jwz

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Lava! Red hot lava! Very far away. It is night, and so we opt not to hike five miles uphill over a lava flow in the dark. It looks like embers, really. Apparently if we had been here a month earlier, we would have seen it flowing into the sea. (19° 18' 41.62" N 155° 4' 21.75" W +202')

We check into the Volcano House hotel, which is right on the edge of the Kilauea crater inside Volcanoes National Park. We then go marching around in the surrounding rain forest. There is a lava tube. We don't have flashlights. (19° 25' 49.88" N 155° 16' 27.88" W +4074')

The Kilauea caldera! It is very big indeed. I think that yellow/green stuff is sulphur.

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