23-30 aug 2004

photos by jwz

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Ain't she a cutie?

We march across a lava flow to reach an oasis-like beach! It is about a mile from the main road. There is a very rough road through the lava flow, but it isn't open to cars. It is like another planet. I wonder why you never see scifi shows using lava flows as stand-ins for other worlds? They're way more foreign looking than Arizona is! (19° 47' 39" N 156° 1' 21" W" +112')

Lava flows often look like the crust of a delicious brownie.

The beach-head is secured! It is a very nice little beach, but very rocky (the sand stops at the water's edge.) There are many little critters in the tidepool, and no bugs. Fish nibble our toes!

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