23-30 aug 2004

photos by jwz

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Time to go home. We get bumped down into steerage on the return flight, which means, yes, screaming toddlers. Some little monster was standing on his seat and just yelling at the top of his lungs the whole time. He wasn't upset and crying, he was just... yelling. At one point I yell "oh my god, shut up!" Parental unit A's retort: "why don't you shut up!" Parental unit B's retort: "he's just a baby, he's just having fun!" I weep for the future. (32° 47' N 136° 50' W +20,000')

And now it's Charlotte's birthday, at the Mariott! (From tourist bar to tourist bar!) (37° 47' 7.03" N 122° 24' 16.77" W +30')

The end!

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