23-30 aug 2004

photos by jwz

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Change of plans! We are about to drag ourselves off the bed to do another death march through a volcano, when the birthday girl says, "hey, for our last day, let's go to a resort instead." And there is much rejoicing. The volcano is amazing, but we've pretty much seen it, and the Volcano House hotel is really nothing special. We actually save money by staying at the Hilton that last night! (19° 55' 22.87" N 155° 52' 30.50" W +10')

The Hilton is kind of creepy, though: it has a very LA/Vegas feel to it, as if you are in a "Hawaii themed hotel." Which you are. And that would have been cool if it wasn't actually in Hawaii, but when the thing it's simulating is just outside the burbclave gate, that's just wrong.

But it is very nice. It has a monorail and boats (the boats are on tracks, just like on the Jungle Cruise.) The phone has a "Perfect Vacation" button, which you are to press if you ever find your vacation becoming anything less than Perfect. (We do not press it.)

Birthday s'mores!

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