23-30 aug 2004

photos by jwz

We went to Hawaii for Angela's birthday!

Our cab driver, he crazy. On the way to the airport, traffic slows down suddenly and he locks his brakes and bounces us off the median barrier. He bends up the cab real bad, and Ashley gets a nice big welt on his neck from the seatbelt. The driver doesn't even comp us the ride. (37° 36' 55.47" N 122° 23' 24.32" W)

We arrive in Kona! It always kinda freaks me out when you get off the plane and you're outside already. I'm used to living in hermetically sealed bubble-cities, I guess. Observe the mad dash for the front door. We're staying at Kanaloa in Kailua Kona, and it's really nice: our unit is a two story loft, basically (two bedrooms, a kitchen, laundry), looking out on a pool and the ocean. It is nicer than my place. (19° 44' 4.64" N 156° 2' 18.51" W ; 19° 34' 11.06" N 155° 57' 57.10" W)

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