as the dipshit turns.
© 2001 Jamie Zawinski <>

I was bicycling home, and since it's only about a mile from work to home, I usually only get cut off by one or two morons who have never heard of turn signals each day.

So this time, I was coming up on the red light between the cars and the curb; It was a one-way street, and I was on the left side. I approached on the left of the left car (by the curb) instead of the right (out in traffic), because of the lack of turn-signalage, and because of my imperturbable faith in humanity. The light turned, he gunned it, turned left, cut me off, I slammed on the brakes to avoid bouncing off his car, and then gave my traditional riding-home bellow of

And before I'd even gotten the word USE out of my mouth, his passenger leaned out the window and retorted, ``Fuck you!'' I guess he felt it was his sacred duty as the occupant of the shotgun seat to defend the honor of the driver, regardless of whose decision it was or even what it was I was about to complain about.

Or maybe this just happens to them so often that he knew what was coming.

Their car was a piece of shit, too.

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