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In the last two days I have seen four trucks and six scooters, each towing a billboard down the street. I really hate those things.

I can almost see the boardroom meeting in some lower circle of Hell where they came up with that idea:

Belphegor:   I've got a new project, guys, you're going to love it. Advertisements... on cars!
Samael:   Oh, I like it! You mean like ads on the sides of trucks? That fits in with Mammon's general policy of covering every flat surface with incitements of greed.
Belphegor:   No, no, even better than that! We're not going to put the ads on vehicles that were there already: these ads will just be driving around, very slowly, solely to show the ads! They don't have a destination or passengers or freight, just the ads!
Astaroth:   Oh, that's brilliant! It's like you're plastering an ad on the air! Not only does the advertising itself increase the cognitive toxins, but it also increases traffic, depletes global oil reserves, and destroys the environment!
Belphegor:   Now you've got it. And don't forget the smell and the noise!
Mammon:   << spurt spurt spurt spurt spurt >>

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