dental dreams.
© 1995 Jamie Zawinski <>

I guess thinking about that awful toothbrush incident from last year had an effect, because I've started having dental-anxiety dreams again. I had the usual one where my teeth were loose, and I was wiggling them back and forth with my fingers, getting nervous about them coming out. Sometimes in this dream, one will actually come out, and I'll spend the rest of the dream trying to put it back in. Someone once told me that this kind of dream is sometimes a sign of a calcium deficiency. Maybe I have scurvy.

But the more notable, recent tooth-trauma dream was that some of my teeth had split vertically down the middle, and were coming apart that way. When I tugged at one side of them, they made a kind of tearing, sucking sound, and resisted with a sticky sort of membrane, kind of like the goop that's underneath a scab, or like Jeff Goldblum's Fingernails In The Fly. (Hey, another Cronenberg connection. Plate. Shrimp. Plate of shrimp.)

Another wonderfully weird dental nightmare:

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