mms = fail.
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You know what's dumb? How receiving an MMS (a text message with photos) works on a Sprint Treo.

Someone sends you a text message with a picture attached. You get a text message that says "You have a new PictureMail! Click here."

  1. Click it.

  2. That takes you to the web browser, looking at a page that says "New picture mail from xyz", with a thumbnail that's, like, 12x12 pixels. Click the image, or the text below it that says "View Media".

  3. Now there's a slightly larger, but still unreadable, image, and now, for the first time, you get to see the actual text that was included in the text message. Don't click the image! Click the text below it that says "Save to Phone".

  4. Oh, now we're back to the tiny thumbnail again. Click the link that says "Download to Phone".

  5. Now we're out of the web browser and into a dialog box that says, "Do you want to download?" Click "Yes".

  6. Oh, another dialog. Click "Save and Open".

  7. Oh, another dialog. "Accept media?" Click "OK".

Now you can finally see the full sized image on your phone. Seven clicks! "Click, View, Save, Download, Yes, Open, Accept!" All with a two to five second delay between each opportunity to click.

And it's been this way for years. Don't they even try this crap before shipping it? What kind of person could ship software that behaved this way and feel ok with themselves?

I guess it's better than an iPhone, though, which can't send or receive MMS images at all.

What year is this?

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