2006 shows.
© 2006 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>

For posterity, here are the various mini concert reviews I posted to my blog in 2006. (See also my 2005 list.)

I wish I was better at writing about music. Most of the reason I post these reviews is for the benefit of future-me, so that years from now I'll remember that I saw these shows (my brain is full). But with most bands I have tremendous difficulty describing them, or what I liked about them.

Anyway. Once more into the breach.

The Presets @ Mezzanine

Ladytron @ Mezzanine & Fillmore

Sleater-Kinney @ GAMH

Teenage Harlets @ BOTH
Teenage Bottle Rocket @ BOTH

Phenomenauts @ BOTH

The Epoxies @ BOTH

Regina Spektor @ The Independent

The Spores @ DNA Lounge & 12 Galaxies

Groovie Ghoulies @ DNA Lounge (Pop Roxx)

Death of a Party @ DNA Lounge (Swindle)
Bellmer Dolls @ DNA Lounge (Swindle)

Gram Rabbit @ The Independent

Halou @ The Independent

The Prids @ Hemlock

Dresden Dolls @ Bimbo's

Red Paintings @ Bimbo's

Veruca Salt @ Du Nord

Agent Sparks @ Du Nord

Cansei De Ser Sexy @ Fillmore

New Model Army @ DNA Lounge

Throwing Muses & 50 Foot Wave @ GAMH

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