2005 shows.
© 2005 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>

For posterity, here are the various mini concert reviews I posted to my blog in 2005. (See also my 2004 list.) I wrote about some of the shows that happened at DNA Lounge on the DNA site:

These are shows that I saw elsewhere:

The Epoxies at Café du Nord:

The Dresden Dolls at GAMH and The Warfield:Nine Inch Nails at The Warfield:Menomena at The Fillmore:Radio 4 at The Fillmore: Gang of Four at The Fillmore:Vervein at Twelve Galaxies:50 Foot Wave at Twelve Galaxies: I saw a bunch of bands down in the superfund toxic wasteland of Detroit Hunter's Point. The bands were set up outside on a flatbed truck at the end of a road that dead-ends into sewage and carcinogenic toxic waste. Rock on! (Note to my friends who live there: move.) Anyway, it was great fun. I took some pictures.

The Copper Tones at Islais Creek:

Riot a Go Go at Islais Creek:Radio Noise at Islais Creek:New Model Army at Islais Creek:Smash Up Derby at Islais Creek:Babyland at Islais Creek:

F-Space at Islais Creek:

And later that same night...

Invisible Ballet at The Independent:

New Model Army again, at The Independent:Miss Kittin at Mezzanine:Halou at Mezzanine:Robin Guthrie at Mezzanine: Evil Dead Live:Re-Animator Live:Capacitor: Digging in the Dark:Cirque du Soleil: Corteo:Henry Rollins at Palace of Fine Arts:Dig Jelly at Slim's:Porcelain at Slim's:Veruca Salt at Slim's:

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