psytrance flyers.
© 2002 Jamie Zawinski <>

One of my jobs is updating the Club's event calendar. It is, of course, like pulling teeth to get the promoters to give us any information about their events, so usually all we have to go in is the flyer. That means I have to spend time staring at a what-happens-when-Teletubbies-explode mess like the flyer on the right, and try to figure out what it says so that I can transcribe it onto the web site. It's going to make me go blind, I tell you.

Just now as I was typing this one in, I thought "Dutch" was the headliner, which seemed wrong. Because my brain just threw away the angry font salad on the top half of the flyer. "Nope, no signal there", said Mister Brain. "That's just clicks and pops, that is."

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