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It would be ok if the Sex Pistols would just go away again now. Thanks, guys. Go home.

Remember the ancient TV show Friday Night Videos? (Maybe it's still on and still sucking just as bad, for all I know.) Anyway, I remember an episode I saw years ago, which Bob Goldthwait hosted. During his hosting duties, he showed an even older clip of one of his standup routines where he was ranting on about a Nike commercial (or whatever) that used some washed-up old Beatles song as the musical accompaniment. Bobcat's take on this was, ``Do you think John said to Paul, `you know, this'd make a smashing sneaker advert?' '' And then he went on about how the bands he grew up with would never sell out like that (``AAAA-NAAAARRR-CHY... and Segram's!'' he said. ``I mean could you use The Ramones to sell beer?'' Audience laughs.)

Then he ran a clip of a commercial where The Ramones were being used to sell beer. It was great.

In a similar vein, there was a commercial a few years back where some beer or another was using the music from the Jesus and Mary Chain song ``Reverence'' -- they didn't play the words in the commercial, but that's the song that goes

Nothing sells like sex and death, I guess.

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