parking shot.
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Driving home at around 3AM on a saturday night, I encountered a massive police presence in the street outside my building. As the traffic crawled through the intersection, I asked one of the hundreds of hip-hop clubgoers what was going on.

So I went inside and watched from the relative safety of the window. There was an ambulance, dozens of police cars, a parking lot full of cars, their stereos booming, their owners milling about, shouting, laughing, talking on cell phones, and generally behaving as if it were a block party.

Over on the alley, in front of the burned out buildings, stood a line of at least twenty cops, shoulder to shoulder, in true ``thin blue line'' formation. Presumably they were trying to preserve the integrity of the crime scene, but they looked like they were ready for a riot. You can see them pretty clearly in the photos on the left:

After thirty minutes or so, they finally managed to clear the area. I noticed a man milling about amongst the cops wearing tennis shoes and a trench coat; whether a reporter or a detective, I was surprised to see him dressing the part.

According to the Chronicle's article, the shooting happened in response to one man's complaint that another had touched his girlfriend.

I have nothing clever to say here.

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