Nokia 8860
whatever you do:
do not buy this phone!

[[ ...excerpted from my DNA Lounge diary... ]]

...oh, we also wasted the better part of a day fighting with Cellular One, who have totally fucked us raw. Having this club meant that I finally needed to get a cell phone (after having resisted the horrible things for so many years) and we bought a pair of Nokia 8860 phones, because they're super small, and nice looking. Well, they suck! Whatever you do, do not buy a Nokia 8860. The reception is just pathetic; I get no signal when I'm in the club's office, but every other person who has been in here with a cell phone, even people who have Cellular One as their carrier, get perfect reception. These phones are junk. And expensive junk, at that!

So we complained about them, and the rat bastards at Cell One kept telling us ``oh try this, oh try that'' until the 30 day return period had expired. They will not let us swap our phones for something sensible like StarTacs, and to even cancel our service they're going to charge us another couple hundred bucks.

We're the phone company, we don't care, we don't have to.