2001 music wrap-up.
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In 2002, I began doing my year-end music wrap-ups. However, while I was preparing the 2007 edition, I stumbled across this old email message I sent to a mailing list on the last day of 2001. Hey, look, it's my 2001 music wrap-up! I forgot I had even written this. So, for posterity, I am posting it here as well.

Message-ID:   <3C30FA49.2E4F983F@jwz.org>
Date:   Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:52:41 -0700
From:   Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>
To:   sfglj@sfgoth.com
Subject:   Re: End of 2001

I don't seem to have bought a lot of music this year, which is a sad thing. I have a bunch of dj mixes, some of which have good stuff on them, but I either don't remember or never knew who did the actual damned music. I did a little searching through my MP3 collection and here are the albums I got this year that I actually gave a shit about:

Brassy - "Got It Made" (2000)

Cubanate - "Cyberia" (1998)

Cibo Matto - "Stereo Type A" (1999)

Curve - "Gift" (2001)

Meg Lee Chin - "Piece and Love" (1999)

Foetus - "Flow" (2001)

Implant Code - "Biodigit" (1993)

Gary Numan - "Pure" (2000)

Recoil - "Liquid" (2000)

The Conet Project - "Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations" (4 disc set)

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