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This bug report, submitted to Red Hat about my XScreenSaver program (which they ship), fills me with giddy joy:

Bug 79993: inappropriate xscreensaver defaults
From: mccannwj@pha.jhu.edu
Description of problem:

The PI of my project (a JHU professor) was in a meeting in his office this morning and xscreensaver came on in phosphor mode. All parties were very surprised to see it display something about midgets sodomizing cats.

It seems that the phosphor screensaver uses the zippy fortune by default. This should be changed. I think a more professional default choice would be literature fortunes. This is very important in business and education environments.

Actual Results: Fortunes that are inappropriate in a professional environment.

Expected Results: Nice, safe, inoffensive fortunes.

I'm especially amused by his implication that, while talk of midgets sodomizing cats might be OK out in the real world, it has no place in the hallowed halls of academia!

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