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I was watching some lame movie the other day, and I think the only reason I kept watching it was that I was fascinated with the main character's eyebrows. I kept looking at her thinking, are those drawn on? No, they look like they're made of hair, but they're so... precise. Like they're some abstract eyebrow archetype. So then I'm thinking, if she plucks them into that shape then what do they really look like, and I'm trying to imagine her with all these different eyebrows. And I'm wondering whether she removed the top half, or the bottom half, or a bit of each, and what is it with eyebrow positioning anyway, are they always right on the apex of that bony ridge or do some people have them in different places? And then I wonder whether she does this herself, or whether she has someone do the plucking for her, some eyebrow engineering consultant hired by the studio. And so on.

So sometimes you can get things out of a film that nobody ever intended, I guess.

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