More eavesdropping... I was in a restaurant, and the folks at the next table over seemed like typical industry people, probably marketroids of some kind. They talked mostly about work stuff, but at one point I tuned in to hear their conversation take an out-of-character turn, as the woman said,

``I was reading this article today about that miracle substance, lard. In the New York Times!''

The guy said, ``it gets a bad rap, does it?''

``Oh yes,'' she continued. ``In fact, you can make your own lard by rendering pig fat!''

``Wow, that's great.''

And from her first mention of it That Song was stuck in my head. You know the one. THE POWER OF LARD. By LARD. The Power! Of Lard! Lard! Ten minutes later it was still going, and it's only a seven and a half minute song. I wanted to go over to her and unscrew the top of my head and let her listen. To THE POWER! OF LARD! LARD! I went home and listened to it a couple times in an attempt to exorcise my head of this sticky white demon, to no avail. I woke up the next morning, and THE POWER! OF LARD! was still playing in my head.

And I can't even metabolize greasy food any more.