bug jar dream.
© 1995 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>

I really do think that lack of sleep makes your dreams more interesting. Want better dreams? Stay awake! During those times in my life when I have the luxury of sleeping nightly, I tend not to remember my dreams, or to not dream about anything particularly interesting or surreal. But the motion-hallucinations can be a real pain, like that time, driving home at around 4am, that I was certain that the tree outside my house was not a tree, but was, in fact, a pale, naked, christ-like homeless guy, gesturing wildly. Here's another good one:

A few weeks ago I dreamed about a bowl of fruit and rats. It was a large clay bowl full of apples and oranges and bananas, with a number of rats crawing over and among the fruit. The rats were kind of cute, but it was tricky to get the fruit out of the bowl without frightening the rats into biting.

Are you detecting a ``nature is disgusting'' theme here, or is it just me?

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