door prize.
© 2000 Jamie Zawinski <>

A door prize is what you win when you're riding a bicycle and some moron swings their car door all the way open without looking behind them first.

My last door prize was pretty surreal. I was riding along thinking, ``wow, what a nice day. Isn't it odd that there are no cars driving down this street at all.'' Then I hit the door, went over the handlebars and door, and somehow managed to land on my feet facing the other way, still holding onto the bike, which then whacked me in the shins really hard. So I'm standing there still kind of stunned, and the guy gets out of his car, and says, ``Whoa! Where did you come from? Are you ok? Do you play bass?''

Apparently he felt the hand of fate at work, or something. He just had to check, in case a bass player had been delivered to him.

(No, I don't.)

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