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It was 2am, and I went over to Sarah's new apartment to help her unpack. As I rounded the corner, I saw the U-Haul parked half a block away, and between me and the truck was the DONT WALK sign at the corner where her apartment building sits.

[ sign ]

It was a big truck.

It was a big sign.

But they really aren't in the same league, so of course, the sign lost.

I stood there looking up at the sign. It was dangling precariously, and swaying slightly. DONT WALK, it said. DONT WALK.

It was no longer attached firmly to the pole. Not firmly at all.

I reminded everyone present of the Law of the Briny Deep, and suggested baseball bats as a good method of salvage, but they decided to just yank and wiggle it. Eventually it started rotating around the pole, spiraling counter-clockwise on its one remaining piece of twisted steel connective tissue, which finally broke.

The sign then hit the ground with a very loud shattering sound.

Did you know that the lights inside of those things are neon? That's very unfortunate, as it is now very non-functional.

I'm not sure what happened to it, actually. Someone took it home, but I haven't seen it since.

the participants look on
in shock and horror.

dj lucretia
lends a hand.

cool sign.
cool boots.

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