butterfly's wings.
© 1998 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>

At a previous doomed startup company I worked for, the air conditioning was always on too high. It was freezing all the time, even in the summer. Then one day, one of my enterprising coworkers figured out that there was a screw hidden up inside of the ceiling vents in each office. With a stack of boxes and a screwdriver, one could close the vents individually, and decrease the arctic flow.

So, we all did, except for Linda, who wasn't in the office that day. As luck would have it, she had the office at the very end of the hall. And her door was closed.

With all of the vents closed, the full force of the building's AC was being funneled right into her closed cement cube of an office. After a few hours someone noticed this, as they saw papers shooting by on the other side of the window in her door. It was like a miniature tornado.

I think that somewhere in here is an allegory about upsetting the balance of nature or something. But maybe it's really just, ``don't call in sick.''

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