with great power comes great responsibility.
© 2006 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>

Early this afternoon I was walking down Market (with my mom, no less) and suddenly there was this guy running full-tilt toward us in a state of panic -- followed at extreme speed by three cops. In the quarter second before he passed us, my immediate instinct (to the no-doubt delight of Jeremy) was, "I must now step sideways and trip this man." An eighth of a second after that (to the no-doubt delight of my dependants hangers-on employees) was "no, then that man will sue me." So I didn't. And then suddenly there were six cops chasing him (and you know what cops look like, they are not "running oriented"). They turned a corner and were all gone.

And then a second and a half later I thought, "wait, this is exactly how Uncle Ben died."


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