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lemacs: Caps_Lock (0x1c) generates ModControl, which is nonsensical.
Mod1 is being used for both Mode_switch and Meta.

Two distinct modifier keys (such as Meta and Hyper) cannot generate the same modifier bit, because Emacs won't be able to tell which modifier was actually held down when some other key is pressed. It won't be able to tell Meta-x and Hyper-x apart, for example. Change one of these keys to use some other modifier bit. If you intend for these keys to have the same behavior, then change them to have the same keysym as well as the same modifier bit.

The semantics of the modifier bits ModShift, ModLock, and ModControl are predefined. It does not make sense to assign ModControl to any keysym other than Control_L or Control_R, or to assign any modifier bits to the "control" keysyms other than ModControl. You can't turn a "control" key into a "meta" key (or vice versa) by simply assigning the key a different modifier bit. You must also make that key generate an appropriate keysym (Control_L, Meta_L, etc).

The meanings of the modifier bits Mod1 through Mod5 are determined by the keysyms used to control those bits. Mod1 does NOT always mean Meta, although some non-ICCCM-compliant programs assume that.