An MP3 Jukebox for Unix
by Jamie Zawinski

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In late 1999, I converted all of my compact discs to MP3s files, and Gronk is the quick-and-dirty software package I threw together to maintain my collection and control the playlist.

This software is no longer maintained. In 2005, I finally abandoned Linux for MacOS and never looked back. Now I just use iTunes to manage my music collection. I wholeheatedly recommend that you do the same.

At the time, I looked around at other Linux jukebox programs, and none of them really did exactly what I wanted. Either they had user interfaces that I didn't like, or they were far too complicated to install. Among other things, they all seem to rely heavily on MySQL. Sorry, but the fact is that when you're only dealing with ten or twenty thousand items, a database is overkill. Especially since these items change infrequently (how many CDs do you buy a week?) So Gronk is built almost entirely around static HTML pages: it goes through the MP3 files and the CDDB data, and constructs HTML representing all of the discs. When you add a new set of CDs, regenerate the pages. Even with my huge collection this only takes a few minutes.


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(Oh, in case you were wondering about the name, ``gronk'' is the sound of disk thrashing.)


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