Configuring Netscape Mail On Unix.
Jamie Zawinski <>
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Before you attempt to use Netscape Mail in a Unix environment, it's important that you understand the assumptions it makes about mail delivery. If you customize the way your mail is delivered, or if you manipulate your mail spool file in the wrong way, you could lose mail, and nobody wants that.

If you are receiving mail from a Unix POP3 server, but are reading mail with a Windows or Macintosh version of Netscape Navigator, this information does not apply to you. This document is specifically for people who are reading mail and browsing the web with a Unix version of the Netscape Navigator.

This document attempts to explain a few interrelated things:

For the impatient: the DON'T list:

For an explanation of why these (and similar things) are dangerous to do with Netscape Mail, read on...