java sucks.
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I think Java is the best language going today, which is to say, it's the marginally acceptable one among the set of complete bagbiting loser languages that we have to work with out here in the real world. Java is far, far more pleasant to work with than C or C++ or Perl or Tcl/Tk or even Emacs-Lisp. When I first started using Java, it felt like an old friend: like finally I was back using a real object system, before the blights of C (the PDP-11 assembler that thinks it's a language) and C++ (the PDP-11 assembler that thinks it's an object system) took over the world.

However, as I settled in, I found a lot of things about Java that irritate me. As this happened, I wrote them down. The following document was mostly written while I was learning the language, during the design and development of Grendel back in 1997. Therefore, some of the following complaints might have been addressed in later versions of the language, or they might have been misunderstandings on my part.

It's too bad Sun has been working as hard as they can, in their typical Sun way, to destroy Java by holding on to it so closely that nobody else can actually improve it.

I've also merged in a few complaints from Dan Bornstein and Richard Mlynarik. Thanks guys!

About the Java name, and associated politics:

First the good stuff:

About the Java language itself:


Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have found something new to hate by tomorrow.

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