contacting jwz

The only practical way to contact me is through email or SMS. I hate talking on the phone.

Please use the appropriate email address:

I'm the owner of DNA Lounge, the world famous and award-winning all ages dance club and live music venue, and of DNA Pizza, the 24 hour cafe and pizzeria next door. If you want to contact me about anything related to the club or restaurant, use Please don't send any personal mail to this address.

For all non-work-related topics, please use This is where you should write if you want to talk about my blog, software, or just to chat. Please don't send anything club-related to this address.

I used to be on Jabber/GChat, but then Google stopped peering. I used to be on AIM, but then AOL killed it. I do not use Facebook Messenger, and I dislike communicating through Twitter. So really, just use email, ok?

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