WHAT IF....? Odin had kidnapped a baby from Planet of The Apes instead of Jotunheim?

Official TVA mugshots:

I know it's kind of simple, but hey, Bootie does not deserve my A game. Or my B or C game, frankly. Someone wearing a $16 taco costume won their contest. A taco.

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They Loki

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Agent Gray would like to leave you some feedback

And it was so nice of them to hang my portrait!

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Some words of advice for owners of skeletons.

I mean, it's just good advice in general.

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SOMA Nature Walk

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"Christ, What An Asshole."

Deleting your Facebook is nice, but have you tried welding your mailbox shut?

Though, to be fair, shitposting like this is less damaging when it costs them nearly a dollar per message.

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Gently press down near end of nozzle.

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Glüme, Orion, Desire

Hey, remember in the Before Times when I used to post crappy phone photos of awesome bands I saw? Maybe I'll keep doing that. Even though my 5yo phone can't get a focus lock to save its life.

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In the gutter

Found this timeless classic in the gutter in front of DNA Lounge today.

Hail Sithrak.


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Feedback Attract Mode

I added an Attract Mode to the Feedback TV. When it was just sitting there idle with no one standing in front of it, it would tend to just go solid blue or purple with no motion. So I stuck an LED strip on the bottom running a chase pattern to keep stirring the pot.

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