"dot eth" pseudo-domains about to go offline because domain owner is in prison

Web3 is going just great:

If you've seen people with usernames ending in .eth, that's an ENS address. The problem is that .eth is not a functional top-level domain, and so many services relied on eth.link to surface these DNS records to other services. [...]

The domain's owner, Virgil Griffith, is "unavailable". By this, they mean that he is currently serving his first of five years in prison for helping North Korea evade sanctions. With Griffith "unavailable", the project has found itself at the mercy of GoDaddy. Welcome to the decentralized web3 we've all been promised! [...]

"If the name expires and is acquired by someone with ill intent, the damage they could do via phishing is substantial," they wrote.

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Tweetdeck: Eat Shit, Twitter

A few weeks ago:

This morning:

The "TweetDeck" app was simply a wrapper around a web page. The "app" itself barely exists, it's a WebKit "Hello World", but they explicitly went out of their way to ensure that it no longer works. Not just "no longer updated", they fucking sabotaged it on purpose.

Loading the web version sucks, because it means that:

  • I need to keep my web browser logged in to Twitter all the time. When it was an app, Tweetdeck accessed Twitter's server, and that was it. Little Snitch was able to enforce that. None of Twitter's embeds or trackers worked on other sites, and I liked it that way.

    Maybe keeping it in a "private" window would mostly address that, but:

  • Being a browser window and not its own app means that it doesn't get its own dock icon;
  • it counts as a most-recently-used window in the browser window stack;
  • it consequently screws up which screen new "real" browser windows show up on;
  • And probably other annoying shit I haven't even noticed yet.

Fuck you, Twitter. I hate you. I hate you. I hope Apartheid Emerald Mine Space Karen fucks your shit up so badly, the children of VCs tell campfire stories about it for generations.

Update: A few folks below recommended using Fluid App to generate an app-containing-a-web-page (basically what Tweetdeck was before) and so far that seems to be working out pretty well...

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"Oh no."

Internet Explorer is now incompatible with Microsoft products, as announced by the company in a blog post Wednesday.

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Today in Brand Necrophilia

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Brand Necrophilia, part 7

Today I learned that Netscape is owned by Facebook.

AOL renamed the Netscape Communications Corporation to New Aurora Corporation, and transferred the Netscape brand to themselves. AOL sold the former Netscape company, now known as New Aurora Corporation, to Microsoft, who in turn sold them again to Facebook. The former Netscape company is currently a non-operating subsidiary of Facebook, still known as New Aurora Corporation. The Netscape brand remained with AOL.

That makes Facebook the current owner of the cookie patent, so I was hoping that this meant that they are now embroiled in the Forever War with ValueClick, but I now see that it was settled in 2010. Bummer!

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The best way to profit from Bitcorn:

Buy the domain "crypto.com" in 1993.

During that quarter century the "dotcom" era came and went, but for whatever reason, I held on to the domain as basically a personal home, a kind of Internet version of the little house increasingly enveloped by skyscrapers in Pixar's Up. (You kids can get off my lawn now, please.) [...]

Last month, I reached an agreement to sell the domain. I have no idea what the new owner plans to use it for beyond what I read in the trade press, and I have no financial stake in their business. The details will have to stay confidential, but I will say that I'm satisfied with the outcome and that it involved neither tulips nor international postal reply coupons.

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Stupid domain tricks

I wondered what other animal TLDs exist besides .horse: Only .fish! Not even .gopher!

But reading through the list, I see that .bar exists, and some domain-squatting company in Mexico has registered foo.bar -- well played, señor -- though it doesn't point anywhere -- boo.

I'm somewhat offended that Google has squatted .foo for themselves. They have some dumb thing at bar.foo. I'll bet they're pissed that someone snagged foo.bar before them. <nelson>Ha ha.</nelson>.

But I am really happy to report that the guy who, back in 1994, had control of the foo@bar.com email address has it back again! For some time there, this important relic of history was lost to us.

Speaking of .bar, there's .beer and .vodka but no other boozes.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw that the purpose of .ninja is "general expertise". Then I realized they didn't mean actual ninjas and general expertise in ninja-ing, they really just mean douchebags, and then I got really sad.

Nobody has registered betty.archi or veronica.archi.

.wang exists, but not .boobies or .poop or .💩, which I think would be spelled .xn--ls8h. See also Poopla, 💩.la. And though .la is maybe not what you think, .nyc is, but there is no .sf.

Even though this proliferation of TLDs is completely stupid, I'm glad that .fail exists, just so that I can point out that tld.fail does not exist but should.

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Parts are missing because Twitter truncated the body to 140 bones.

Hell of a termination package.

They worked to confirm they were dealing with a single victim and to determine where, when and how the person died. They weren't even certain there was a murder before the dismemberment.

Complicating matters, the remains found inside and outside a suitcase on 11th Street, between Mission and Market streets, included a leg and a torso but not a head or lower arms or hands, said a source familiar with the investigation. Police did not specify the gender of the victim whose torso was found or release further details on the condition of the body parts.

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Netscape Cancer: far worse than Brand Necrophilia.

Please imagine this as a Joe Chemo version of the cutsey Mozilla dragon mascot instead.

Google workers at Netscape Sacrifice Zone exposed to toxic levels of trichloroethylene.

For at least two months, Google employees were exposed to excessive levels of a hazardous chemical after workers disabled a critical part of the ventilation system at the company's new satellite campus on a Superfund toxic waste site. [...]

"We take several proactive measures to ensure the healthiest indoor air environment possible in our workplace," she said by e-mail.

"We are 100% committed to shipping the highest quality product possible on March 31st."

When Netscape occupied the Google site, a controversial "air stripper" operated there for more than a decade, emitting toxic chemicals into the air without monitoring, according to Lenny Siegel, executive director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, an activist group based in Mountain View. In 1999, Netscape was acquired by AOL, which declined to comment.


In an effort to reduce the vapors, workers sealed cracks in floors and walls where TCE might get in.

"From beneath you, it devours."

On Jan. 14, the team inspected the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (often referred to as HVAC) and found it had been switched to manual, which prevented the positive pressure system from running continuously.

The move was motivated by a desire to keep the buildings warm as the weather turned colder in the fall, the report shows.

"If you turn off the AC, you will get cancer and die."

TCE, an industrial solvent used in making computer chips, is known to cause cancer and birth defects. [...] Pregnant women who are exposed to low levels of the chemical during a crucial three-week period in their first trimester face an increased risk of having a baby born with holes in the heart, a 2011 EPA analysis found. [...]

The site is now home to about 85 businesses, including [...] a baby ultrasound center, an adoption service, a restaurant and a cafe.

In lighter news, Illinois man found with $200,000 in stolen Wisconsin cheese.

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Brand Necrophilia, part 6

Microsoft buys Netscape

AOL said that as part of the deal, it was selling "stock of an AOL subsidiary" at a loss in order to reduce its tax bill. AOL didn't reveal the name of the subsidiary, but sources have confirmed that it is in fact Netscape.

Microsoft will acquire all the patents surrounding the Netscape browser, while AOL will still own the actual brand. That extends to the Netscape business, which was once an ISP, as well as the URL for the brand.

I assume that this means that ValueClick will now be suing Microsoft over the cookie patent instead of AOL, if that's still going on.

There are no winners here.

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