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We are going to fix San Francisco

San Francisco is a dystopian hellhole caught in doomloop and it is all because everyone hates techbros. Well, we are tired of being disrespected. Therefore we are going to attack those who can't fight back, yes, poor people. To do that more effectively we want more police. Lots more police. LOTS more police! And less, far less, Narcan and other harm reduction.

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Dropbox fuckery

Dropbox is vile and I want no part of it in my life. However, one particular tool I work with has no way of getting its data to me except via Dropbox, and I can't fix that.

I have one of those anonymous "share" links for the folder in which my data materializes (the "" kind) and I have a script that has been just scraping the HTML and mirroring the files directly. It's slow and wasteful and irritating but it had been working for 5+ years... except recently the Dropbox web pages have begun shitting the bed, and half the time when I load and parse them, they return different, unparsable data. Maybe these are intermittent backend errors, or maybe they've changed their Javascript that be even more obscure and only some proxies have caught up to the new, more useless way. I dunno, I can't tell.

So I tried doing it the "official" way and creating and "app" and generating an OAuth token and using the official API, but after successfully authenticating, all it ever says is "missing_scope, required_scope:". (That checkbox is among the many that are checked on my app's config page.)

Have any of you ever successfully used this API to list a folder and read a file?

Note: I am not asking for your anecdote about how you installed the Dropbox GUI on your machine. And even if it is possible to install a Dropbox file-system-impersonating rootkit daemon on a headless CentOS 7 server, I have no interest in doing that. I just want to mirror files out of this one URL, by polling from cron.

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Favorite tech innovation


What's your favorite tech innovation?
Illegal cab company
Illegal hotel chain
Fake money for criminals
Plagiarism machine
37,872 votes

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Today I learned that Church Molestation Liability Insurance is a thing that exists

Ministry Insured: Abuse and Molestation Liability Insurance:

No one likes to think about the possibility of a situation involving improper behavior or sexual misconduct against a parishioner, especially a minor. However, it is hard to escape the reality that these types of lawsuits are becoming more prevalent and more public. [...]

There is no other insurance policy or coverage that will protect an organization when a lawsuit for sexual misconduct is brought against it.

Bold choice of that insurance company to go with a stock photo of little kids for this product. Are we to assume that they are or will soon be rape victims?

Cry havoc and let slip the actuarials: Child Sexual Abuse Losses by Industry:

Religious organizations account for 30% of all child sexual abuse losses in Advisen's database. This is the second greatest frequency for all industries, behind only elementary and secondary schools at 39%. All other industries account for less than 10% of the total child sexual abuse losses.

Meanwhile in Texas: Houston's only lesbian bar denied insurance for hosting drag:

Ten years after launching what has become a pillar of queer nightlife in Houston, Mabry says the ongoing push by conservative lawmakers to restrict LGBTQ rights in Texas has jeopardized her business: for the first time since its doors opened in 2013, Pearl Bar was denied an insurance policy it needs to continue operations earlier this year, specifically because it hosts drag shows. [...]

Mabry's insurance agent shared the underwriter's explanation for denying Pearl Bar: "we will not consider this one due to the drag," the underwriter wrote. "We won't write this risk."

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"Please Stand By - Jacking In..."

Last night at the spooky goth club, someone handed me a floppy disk with a zine on it! I'm living the dream, you guys.

It was quite a journey getting it to run.

Is there a decent HyperCard player (vintage 1991) that runs on M1 Macs? I tried HyperCardPreview and while it can display the cards, it can only do so in order: clicking links doesn't work.

Cheat code.

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"A trench of jostling anglerfish, gaping and preening and starving for lack of prey"

There's too much to quote here; this is brutal: Burning Down The House:

The overheated register in which Silicon Valley types have tended to talk about Twitter -- as The Global Town Square, a horizonless agora in which all of humanity can meet to uh engage in free speech together or whatever -- is how they always talk about whatever they are selling, right before they move on to selling something else. For better and worse, these people like Twitter -- many people do -- but they can't say why, or call it what it is. And so it has to bring people together, for the future's sake.

You can see the problem. It is a miraculous thing, or anyway an impressive one, to invent a platform on which anyone can speak to anyone/everyone else, about anything. But because these people don't really value people or togetherness very highly, or have much to say, or consider the future as anything but a place where they will become richer, they don't really know what to do with that. "Bringing people together" is a value-neutral thing, and a mass of humanity does not become a community -- and is not prevented from becoming a mob -- simply because they're all in the same place. Silicon Valley types want whatever's next big because there might be money in it, but also they are fundamentally not very interested in inhabiting or maintaining the new realities they shape; it's too much like work. Maintaining things is hard, and requires much more care than making things does.

Over and over again, this limitation reveals itself. The capitalists forever engineering the future declare victory before the work is done, or even meaningfully begun, because they are bored and would like to cash out. It is bleakly funny to watch these recklessly wrought futures rise amid acclaim and then recede and recede to the size of their imagineers' actual vision. It's also a colossal waste. [...]

The various scammers and hustlers and aspiring drop-shipping magnates and inexplicably self-assured freelance life-coach types are all there, of course. They are drawn to Musk because they aspire to be rich and epic themselves, and post as if their livelihoods depend upon it, holding forth at great length and with little depth on whatever they think might redound to their benefit. As in all the worst online spaces, there is a sense that the hucksters outnumber the marks; a trench of jostling anglerfish, gaping and preening and starving for lack of prey.

Which is remarkable, actually, considering that the largest percentage of Twitter Blue subscribers are people whose identity as howlingly obvious marks seems to have supplanted virtually everything else about them. They are drawn to Elon for the same reason that moths crisp themselves on lightbulbs. It is difficult to imagine what kind of person would give money to the richest man in the world on pure servile principle, but observing them only confuses things more. [...]

It makes sense that these users would be drawn to Musk, even to the point of posting like him, because he resembles them in his sour incuriosity, and is aspirational in his impunity and wealth. As it happens, that type of rich authoritarian -- distractible, idly vicious, relatable in his proud pissy cretinousness -- already has an avatar in American politics. Musk sought out this population of blowhards and temporarily embarrassed grand inquisitors and armchair genocidaires, and they invariably found him, but this is a tough crowd. Where Musk has struggled to keep that constituency happy, it reflects less on his seemingly sincere receptiveness to their hair-trigger credulity, bigotry, and vengefulness and more on the fact that these people are fundamentally unappeasable, and fundamentally opposed to being appeased.

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"Sex Work Bollards" is not a band name but should be.

Public Works staff were at intersections from 18th to 22nd on Capp this morning, slicing into concrete and installing the 30-inch-tall yellow steel barriers.

The bollards are the latest iteration in an attempt by the city to crack down on johns who have historically sought sex on Capp Street: In February, the city installed "Road Closed" signs along the street; those were routinely pushed aside or driven over by drivers.

Just a week later, they were replaced by large "k-rail" concrete barriers, impenetrable to drivers but also to the Fire Department, which raised concerns that they would prevent emergency access. They were also deemed unsightly by neighbors and frequently covered in graffiti. [...]

Regulars on Capp Street added that the street itself was much more idyllic without car traffic, similar to Shotwell and 20th streets nearby, two of the city's so-called "Slow Streets" where through traffic is discouraged by plastic posts.

Stephen Chun, a spokesperson for the MTA, said that Capp Street should not be considered a "Slow Street," however. Though the bollards will remain up and will only be turned down for emergency use, the bollards are meant to be a crime deterrent, he said, not a traffic solution.

"It's not a permanent street closure," he said. "These bollards are not meant to in any way have the official jurisdiction that it is a street closure."

Lisa C:

If we just renamed every Slow Street the Sex Workers Slow Street we would have K-rails on all of them within a couple of days.

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I agree with this message (same message, three months later)


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Bankrupt the church

Oakland Catholic priests molested so many children that the diocese has declared bankruptcy:

"We have limited cash reserves, and insurance may cover some of the claims," the diocese said on its website. "We are also exploring the potential sale of assets that are underutilized or may not be critical in carrying out the mission of the Diocese." [...]

The diocese is a tax-exempt corporation and has assets estimated to be worth between $100 million and $500 million, and estimated liabilities between $100 million and $500 million, according to bankruptcy filings. [...] The diocese's dozens of Catholic school affiliates are separate legal entities and will continue to open normally, the diocese said. [...]

The Diocese of Santa Rosa filed for bankruptcy protection in March, similarly because it said it did not have money to settle more than 150 child sexual abuse lawsuits. The Sacramento and San Diego dioceses are also considering bankruptcy. [...]

Dan McNevin, leader of the Oakland branch of nonprofit Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, criticized the bankruptcy practice, which shifts claims by sexual abuse victims to bankruptcy court rather than civil litigation.

"These bankruptcy actions are really designed to stiff-arm survivors by limiting their options in court," said McNevin on Sunday, before the Oakland filing. "When bankruptcies are declared, it's about freezing discovery and really focusing on money." [...]

McNevin believes the Diocese of Oakland has plenty of real estate holdings across the East Bay that could be sold to compensate victims and a bankruptcy is unnecessary. He expects lawyers for victims to challenge the bankruptcy filing. [...] "This is a business model for them," he said. "When all else fails and they're going to face justice, they declare bankruptcy."

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Red Hot Riding Hood

Happy 80th Anniversary to Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood, released this day in 1943.

Without this cartoon, it's safe to say that there would be no Hubba Hubba Revue.

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