Hi, I'm jwz. This is my blog. Like many blogs, this one is 5% personal, 95% shit I saw on the interweb that entertained or horrified me. I hope that it will entertain and horrify you as well. Come for the technical commentary, stay for the tentacles!

My posts are heavily tagged. My taxonomy is the best. So if you're looking for something, maybe the list of all tags will help.

All the things I said:

My writings are tagged firstperson.

Technical writing:

Much of my writing on technical topics is collected over on the docs page, at least the more popular and/or fleshed out pieces. If what you seek is not there, tags like computers, security, linux, mac, phones, nscp, emacs, retrocomputing or xscreensaver may point you in the right direction.

DNA Lounge:

I own a nightclub. I do a lot of blogging about that over there.


Once or twice a month, I post a Youtube playlist of new music videos that I enjoy. The tag is mixtape, and the full list is over on the DNA Lounge Webcasts page.


The photography tag is used for photos that I have taken personally. Many of these are camera-phone shots of bands (since I rarely take my "real" camera with me to gigs). I try to post at least one photo of every band that I see and enjoy, mostly as offline storage, as my brain is full. If I post a photo of a band, you can take that as a recommendation to listen to and/or see them.


Sometimes I review things. Not so often lately.


When I have stupid technical problems, I sometimes ask the interweb at large for help. Sometimes this works. But not usually. Tag: lazyweb. (A plea: if you comment on a "lazyweb" post, try to stay on topic, because if I feel the need to resort to making one of those posts, chances are I'm already very frustrated.)

Thank you! Drive through.

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