Today I learned that Church Molestation Liability Insurance is a thing that exists

Ministry Insured: Abuse and Molestation Liability Insurance:

No one likes to think about the possibility of a situation involving improper behavior or sexual misconduct against a parishioner, especially a minor. However, it is hard to escape the reality that these types of lawsuits are becoming more prevalent and more public. [...]

There is no other insurance policy or coverage that will protect an organization when a lawsuit for sexual misconduct is brought against it.

Bold choice of that insurance company to go with a stock photo of little kids for this product. Are we to assume that they are or will soon be rape victims?

Cry havoc and let slip the actuarials: Child Sexual Abuse Losses by Industry:

Religious organizations account for 30% of all child sexual abuse losses in Advisen's database. This is the second greatest frequency for all industries, behind only elementary and secondary schools at 39%. All other industries account for less than 10% of the total child sexual abuse losses.

Meanwhile in Texas: Houston's only lesbian bar denied insurance for hosting drag:

Ten years after launching what has become a pillar of queer nightlife in Houston, Mabry says the ongoing push by conservative lawmakers to restrict LGBTQ rights in Texas has jeopardized her business: for the first time since its doors opened in 2013, Pearl Bar was denied an insurance policy it needs to continue operations earlier this year, specifically because it hosts drag shows. [...]

Mabry's insurance agent shared the underwriter's explanation for denying Pearl Bar: "we will not consider this one due to the drag," the underwriter wrote. "We won't write this risk."

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10 Responses:

  1. Viss says:

    whats the spread on how many of the fortune 500 scramble to buy it now?

  2. I had to click through to make sure this wasn't from a satirical website. Jesus Christ... (I'm an atheist but that seems like the appropriate response)

  3. Bill Paul says:

    I still say they should deny all claims as acts of god.

  4. Blake says:

    The worst part?  The assertion that most allegations that makes it to a judge are false.  What bullshit.

    Although there are terrible and unfortunate cases that are true, and many of these have received wide spread media attention, there are many more allegations that are groundless but still come before a judge.

  5. craige says:

    you can get insurance for sexually assaulting children but not hosting a drag show.

    Truly underscores that we live in the most stupid timeline.

  6. Nate says:

    From a purely mercenary perspective, I get the insurance company's position: for any venue holding any sort of drag event for any sort of audience, there now is a very non-zero threat that Zeke and Caleb and a dozen or so of their fascist bros show up with their barbed-wired covered baseball bats and AR-15's slung over their bellies, and maybe hurt someone, maybe some random passers-by who weren't at all involved with the event, and the venue gets sued.

    It'd be nice to switch this dynamic up on the churches that are the ones actually abusing kids. More realistically, though, any venue holding a drag event needs to have a ready list of friends who are willing to show up and put the fascists back in their place, even if that means mussing up the fascists' polo and khaki pants a bit.

  7. CSL3 says:

    Adjacent to the Texas bar story comes a story about bowing to conservative bullshit:

    (SF Chronicle)L.A. Dodgers disinvite Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from Pride celebrations

    An LA team dropping SF's famous drag troupe from Pride reminds me of when Trump first took office and deliberately removed any all mention of the Jews... from Holocaust Remembrance Day.

  8. Andreas K says:

    Think they do rebates for big churches that want to get coverage for their whole organization?

  9. Emma H says:

    The Hierarchy never changed, they have always been a mob of corrupt goons.

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