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Last night at the spooky goth club, someone handed me a floppy disk with a zine on it! I'm living the dream, you guys.

It was quite a journey getting it to run.

Is there a decent HyperCard player (vintage 1991) that runs on M1 Macs? I tried HyperCardPreview and while it can display the cards, it can only do so in order: clicking links doesn't work.

Cheat code.

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  1. beernutz says:

    That is seriously cool!

  2. Jon Gilbert says:


    were you able to load the stack into hypercardonline.com?

  3. Spike says:

    I'm duly impressed you were able to run this. For Hypercard I generally just move the files on to a virtual disk image running under Sheepshaver (the emulator). I'd love to get a copy of the disk or the files on it, if you're willing to share.

  4. 48kRAM says:

    *makes note to bring diskmags to next goth show*

  5. sleepy says:

    I'm sure your google-fu got you this, but just in case it didn't: https://jamesfriend.com.au/running-hypercard-stack-2021

  6. Spike says:

    I'm duly impressed you were able to run this. For Hypercard, when I'm not running them on original hardware, I generally just move the files on to a virtual disk image running under Sheepshaver (the Mac OS emulator, https://sheepshaver.cebix.net/). I'd love to get a copy of the disk (disk image) or the files on it, if you're willing to share.

    • BC says:

      You can get a copy of the disk image here

      Others can run this hypercard stack on archive.org here

      (Looks like they use Mini vMac, which doesn't seem to have the native M1 build that JWZ was asking for)

  7. Ridley Kemp says:

    Apparently, "Ono-Sendai" is Japanese for "Office Depot."

  8. BC says:

    The launch party for that Neuroblast zine was just a week or so ago.  May 10th, at the Cat Club a few blocks away from you.  More info in the announcement here.

    You have a difficult choice ahead of you, when your next Cyberdelia party rolls around...

  9. larry hosken says:

    Small world department: Years(?) ago on here, I said that I gave up on finding a workable web site for buying comics and instead emailed a guy to maintain a pull list. That guy is this hypercard stack's author.

  10. 1

    Mini vMac has an Apple Silicon version in beta - https://www.gryphel.com/c/minivmac/index.html

    It needs a Mac Plus ROM image, but those are not hard to locate.

  11. benbrown says:

    I share this dream

  12. This is awesome. I'd be stoked if someone just handed me something like that.

  13. 3

    In the past the future was nicer.

  14. Bill Paul says:

    Oh! The guy who produced this runs my local funny book store: James at Isotope Comics, on Fell street in Hayes Valley. He had a stack of those diskettes on the checkout counter when I went in this weekend and gave me one. If anyone is interested (or just wants to browse some comics) he might still have some left. He told me he's also working on a cyberpunk film project.

  15. dd says:

    I use this setup on my M2 https://cancel.fm/hyperjam/ with Mini vMac, this will also allow you to import files to the vMac.

  16. CSL3 says:

    And you say you're hard to shop for!

  17. - Holy FUCK: just LOOK at all of these responses. I had no idea there were that many, um, "Hyperheads" out there still!!!

    #apple #hypercard #oldschool

  18. James Sime says:

    Glad you like my DiskZine! It is awesome to see how much people are enjoying it! NEUROBLAST is cyberpunk and San Francisco-centric, built and written on my old Mac earlier this year, and was designed to run on vintage Macs as well as online.

    Run it via the in-browser emulated virtual Mac on Archive.org.


    But it is *better* running on an emulator on your home computer (the encoding broke a couple minor things). I run it on my 2022 iMac M1 via SheepShaver. Get it here:


    Download the 95mb Zip File containing the SheepShaver classic Mac emulator bundled with Mac OS 9 and Hypercard that James Friend has on that page.

    NEUROBLAST includes an original cyberpunk cocktail recipe from mixologist Kirsten Baldock, an AKIRA-inspired tech-noir comic, my “2023 dispatch from the cyberpunk city,” interviews with San Francisco synthesizer musicians and a tabletop game designer who did a game inspired by Junji Ito comics and the movie ANNIHILATION, sci-fi dither / pixel art, a tribute to 90s floppy disk zine creator Jaime Levy, an agri-tech body-horror RPG adventure, the 2090 Tourist Guide to nu-Fresno, and other cool nerdy stuff along those lines. I’m pretty amazed at how much content I was able to cram onto a single Floppy Disk!

    It is a free zine but you can also buy physical copies on 3.5” Floppy Disk (and also a delightfully bad sounding 2-song floppy disk album from my sleazy industrial band) at my store here in San Francisco, Isotope Comics on Fell @ Gough, for 5 bucks.

    • jwz says:

      You did a great job on this! And the treasure hunt of trying to figure out how to run the actual bits from the disk was part of the fun.

      • James Sime says:

        Ah, that’s perfect! Let me know when your next Cyberdelia party is coming, it would be rad to put out a new NEUROBLAST floppy disk issue for that & have you be one of the guest star collaborators on it!

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