Favorite tech innovation


What's your favorite tech innovation?
Illegal cab company
Illegal hotel chain
Fake money for criminals
Plagiarism machine
37,872 votes

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15 Responses:

  1. Kinniska says:

    the painful accuracy.

  2. gz says:

    Do I have to have a favorite?

  3. craige says:

    disappointed that fake money for criminals is leading. That's not a new thing, we already had that with the existing money.

    The other three are at least, ahem, innovative.

    • jwz says:

      "Well actually all money is fake money" is not the insight that you think it is. For example, the ransomware industry only exists at scale because cryptocurrency makes it practical.

      • craige says:

        oh that wasn't an insight 🤣

        I agree wholeheartedly about the ransomeware & crypto but I consider that more an efficiency improvement of one cartel over another (finance industry). Potentially more honest, if still shite.

        Clarke & Dawe are still nailing it, even from the grave 😀


        • jwz says:

          I have no eyeroll large enough for your equivalency bullshit.

        • Sören says:

          banks are regulated. Money is something you can buy stuff with. “Crypto” is (largely) neither. Arguably, banks ought to be regulated a lot more, but it’s a silly false equivalency nonetheless.

  4. Michael V. says:

    It wasn't in the list, but perpetual online surveillance has to be up there.

    • jwz says:

      Oh there are so many things not in the list, including my favorite, involuntary opt-in to alpha-testing autonomous murderbots. Related to, but not the same problem as, "illegal cab company".

      • Rodger says:

        I am sure you have already seen the latest in murder bot “accelerate through crossings with pedestrians on them” news, alongside the absolute scum defending this as “that’s just how I drive anyway”.

        • Andrew Klossner says:

          And Tesla service techs removing installed radars on any service visit because "the software's going to stop using them" and the ultrasonic sonar. Because relying entirely on cameras is good enough, except when it's not.

  5. Jeff Atwood says:

    this graph should be on our tombstones

  6. nooj says:

    At first, I thought the filled-in bars showed letters that were typed, and the rest was the auto-complete.  As in, typing "illegal" would auto-fill the most commonly-exploited grift.

  7. thielges says:

    I’m surprised that “Unpatchable Internet Enabled Device that Attracts Malware and Will Become a Brick as Soon as Manufacturer Ceases Support of Necessary Backend Server” didn’t make the list, but maybe just because it is too verbose.  

  8. k3ninho says:

    I had these two candidates that didn't reach the shortlist:

    • Loss-making businesses that don't die
    • Taking state subsidies (space launches, electric vehicles) and making the costs borne by everyone but the profits private


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