Printing vexes me

Dear Lazyweb, a challenge for you:

Show me the CSS and HTML to add to the following so that when it is printed from macOS Safari 16, it is rotated to landscape orientation; and each line is the same distance from the corresponding edge of the paper.

<div style="width: 11in; height: 8.5in; border: 1px solid">Top Left</div>

I investigated Safari's margin idiocy some twelve years ago but I suspect that what I discovered back then might no longer be true.

Please note: this is a very specific question.

Please also note: if you are making the assumption that you can test your answer by using "Open in Preview" rather than actually printing a physical piece of paper, there is a very good chance that you are wrong.

Update: Well, here's my latest attempt. I'm sure it does something horrible in not-Safari or not-8½×11".

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