Three Thirty One

Twenty-Five years ago today, dropped the Netscape source code.

I covered most of this on my post in January about the 25th anniversary of itself, but I thought this date also deserved honorable mention.

Also, twenty-five years ago tomorrow was the first time that I rented a big nightclub and booked a bunch of DJs, bands and circus acts. Spoilers!


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  1. Mozilla branding used to be the best

  2. zorked says:

    event that I regard as recent happened a quarter of a century ago.

  3. segv11 says:

    I remember reading that on Slashdot like it was yesterday. Thanks so much for all your work in changing the internet. Proud former M17 user here, but just don't make me use it again! Way more than zarro boogs found.

    • out of interest do you still read Slashdot? I used to read it all the time back when Mozilla source code was released but now I can't remember the last time I visited. I think digg and then Reddit took over my social news appetite

  4. Noah Friedman says:

    I still have some of the CDs we pressed with the 3/31 source code, and a couple of T-shirts.

    I'm about twice the age I was that day. I feel like yelling at clouds.

  5. Ben Pfaff says:

    This was so exciting at the time. I vaguely remember that there was a call out to operate mirrors of this release because of the anticipated demand for it, and I even more vaguely remember running one from my university dorm room. It's over half a lifetime ago now; maybe I'm wrong.

  6. J. Peterson says:

    Fishing through the previouslys on this led me to this talk about the HTML editor Netscape Gold. Now, our crew was on Team Ceneca (aka PageMill) and we were really worried Netscape was going to give away their editor for free, commoditizing our product into oblivion.

    Then this happened. I vividly recall a colleague holding the two press releases, and exclaiming, "Wow, our wildest dream and our worst nightmare on the same day!"

  7. Jibberish says:

    Sorry. I have nothing interesting to say but "Congratulations!"

    Other than that, Epiphany is what Emacs's Elfeed pops up when I open one of its links, but I use Firefox for all my real WWW-ing.

  8. Steen says:

    Wow, that party. How well did the live video streaming work in Ye Olden Times?

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