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This morning's mastodon.social antics actually synched up well with the music that was playing at the time...

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  1. Derpatron9000 says:


  2. nooj says:

    Great live album!

  3. irons says:

    Mastodon is milk in your plastic.

  4. Eric TF Bat says:

    At the other end of the technology spectrum, here in Tasmania I sometimes hear a noise that sounds exactly like the error beep of a the Commodore CBM-8032's Diablo daisywheel printer that first taught me to properly hate printers.  It took a while to realise it was the sound of cows in a distant paddock.  Technology may advance, but we'll always find music in it.  Or mooo-sic, perhaps.

  5. TORLEY says:

    OMG this takes me back to that era of Underworld. "Moaner" was from a soundtrack far better than the Batman & Robin movie it was associated with, though I don't remember it actually being in the movie... anyone remember?

    Also circa 1995 Hackers vibes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feWNvGpWHLM


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