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(When I did an image search to try and find where this came from, all the results were trucks. This is the apocalyptic banality of "AI". Great job everybody.)

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  1. Matthew Exon says:

    Is it widely known that Yandex image search is just, like, 1000% better than Google image search? I did not know that until I saw it on Bellingcat. It's weird and not a little worrying. Didn't help me track down the location, but at least it gave me a couple of alternative views.

  2. cmt says:

    Doggo's corner?

  3. Netluser says:

    I don't know when They started doing it, but for a while Google reverse image searches don't actually search for the image you gave them, no, why would you want the original source?

    They guess what an object in the picture is and then do what's basically a normal text search for THAT term, and in that regard they do accurately identify the black pickup truck in the background as a Dodge MAR (as the grille logo says in my rear view mirror, when they're far away enough for it to be readable).

    No, you have to click "Find image source ->", and half of the time you also have to click the tiny text that says "All Sizes", but sometimes that makes the results worse.

    Then, instead you get a bunch of Facebook links that apparently reference/use this image, which also doesn't help find its original source but is at least the expected behavior.

    It took me a while of the reverse image search results being completely worthless to figure out that I had to do that magic incantation to get a real "find this image" search.

    • prefetch says:

      Tineye found the h8dusi reddit thread above in one click, no setting changes needed or trucks to be seen. It's the earliest copy it knows about (6/13/20).

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