jwz mixtape 239

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 239.

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7 Responses:

  1. Many thanks for making these tapes, I've discovered a lot of new music through all the years with these.

  2. Alan M says:

    I do enjoy the mixtapes.

  3. o.o says:

    By about 0:45 of Ice Ice Matrix I was like "OK, this is cute, but I get the gist of it".  Then I got to 1:15 and I've watched it a half dozen times now.

  4. P. Huesken says:

    I'd say that the whole Mixtape 239 is exceptionally good; have been enjoying it a lot while checking tour dates...

  5. I had this on with a friend over, and after they asked, I was just telling them "yeah, I like that in these playlists there's a mix of new groups and fun favorites like shriekback" and it just then switched over to the last track.

  6. Lohan says:

    Absolutely awesome. I just finished listening to it for the second time :)