Remote updates of iPads

Dear Lazyweb, what's the cheapest and easiest way to push out changes to dozens of iPads over the air?

Correct answers begin with "I have done this thing, and here's how", using small words.

Currently we do this by configuring one, then bringing another within Bluetooth range and cloning it, but that is tedious. It sounds like Apple Configurator is how you do this, but I am lost in a twisty maze of product names, all alike. WTF are Apple Business Manager and Apple Business Essentials? Do I need a Mobile Device Manager? Is ABM an MDM? Or is it really the case that the only way to update a fleet of iPads over the air is to pay rent to some 3rd party interloper who is not Apple?

Yes, I have read dozens of Apple documents about these things, and I still don't understand. Don't just google it for me, please.


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March Fourth. Fourth March.

The date is now Saturday, March 1,099th, 2020. The fourth March of the ongoing pandemic that is still killing more than 11,000 people a month in the US alone, and permanently disabling so many more. And still you assholes won't even consider masking.

If you choose to stand around inside a crowded room without wearing a mask -- I think you're a fucking idiot.

Turns out, nearly every person I know is a fucking idiot.

    Sat Mar 1099 11:37:19 PST 2020

Here's what our calendar looked like in that first March, as we shut down for fourteen months.

And that March marches on.

Included amongst the aforementioned fucking idiots is a good friend who just contracted COVID for the THIRD time, who never wears a mask, ever. "What difference does it make?" she says. Then I cite studies showing what difference it makes. She shrugs it off with, "I can't keep living in fear".

To her, and to so many others, going to movie theatres and crowded nightclubs, but hanging a thin piece of plastic on their face while doing it, constitutes "living in fear".

No, we must pretend that the world has not changed in any material way since 2019. Those Eden-like pastoral days of 2019, before any of you had experienced "sadness" or "fear".

It would be bad enough if these people came upon their self-destructive and asinine positions naturally, but as with all the horrors of the modern world, this was not a choice, it was done to them by billionaires:

Lucky Tran:

These disinformation tactics are successfully quashing public health policies. Policymakers are susceptible to bad faith arguments about masks because they are beholden to short-term corporate interests. Masks are a visible symbol that the pandemic is ongoing, and politicians fear that these reminders stop people from consuming. It's easy to lie to those who want to believe.

An immunocompromised friend recently attended a funeral, and was repeatedly told by other maskless attendees how "brave" they were for masking. Brave?

"I don't really have a choice," they said.

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