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The Knight Who Could Make Cunts Speak:

"Le Chevalier qui fist parler les cons", 1340.

[...] In gratitude, the three fairies bestow gifts upon the knight to help him achieve riches. [...] The second fairy gives him the gift that if he speaks directly to a vagina, the vagina will be compelled to speak back. The third fairy adds to the second fairy's gift: if a vagina is in some way incapacitated and unable to speak, the person's anus will be able to talk to him. [...]

The knight asks the countess's vagina where she'd just gone, and the vagina cannot answer on account of having half a kilo of fabric in it. Whatever the knight tries, that pussy was just not talking.

He starts to panic, until Huet reminds the knight of his third gift - the Chekhov's talking butthole, hanging on the wall since the first act.

This, incidentally, is one of those Mastodon accounts that I would like to follow but can't, because of their horrid use of threads. You'd think they might have a blog that I could follow in RSS instead, and they might, but I can't tell because... they let their domain expire. Great job everybody.

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  1. kk says:

    Does following itvvia the builtin RSS feed (e.g. ) help?  

  2. Noah Friedman says:

    What in the william s burroughs did I just read

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