Dear Lazyweb, any ideas on why TextCat doesn't seem to be firing?

# This is working: message gets "X-Spam-Language: ja.shift-jis" added to it.
add_header all Language _LANGUAGES_

# This is being ignored maybe?
ok_languages en
ok_locale en

# This is supposed to fire but does not:

# This doesn't fire either:
header UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_HEADER X-Spam-Language =~ /\bja\b/

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5 Responses:

  1. jimbobmcgee says:

    At the risk of stating the absolute obvious, you are loading the plugin in init.pre...?

    Also, I think around v3.4 ok_languages got nerfed, and ok_locales took over.  I assume a copy/paste error, but your ok_locale is singular, while the doc says plural.

    At least you can get _LANGUAGES_ to work.  Mine is always empty.

    • jwz says:

      Well as I said, it is identifying the language, so that strongly suggests the plugin is loaded. I tried both ok_ versions.

      • jimbobmcgee says:

        If it's enabled in init.pre (or another .pre), and you have set ok_languages and ok_locales (plural), then the only other thing I can suggest is the length of body text in your test mails.

        Mine did not fire at all for me (i.e. nothing in _LANGUAGES_, no score) for the small, single- or dual-sentence emails I was using to test, just now.  I started getting both when I sent myself test mails with a few paragraphs in them.

        (The only hint I got to that was spamassassin -D --lint buries a series of lines saying "I need to make this message body somewhat long so TextCat preloads" over and over.)

        Not sure what the threshold is.  For mails ~100 chars, I got nothing; for mails ~2K chars, I got both.

  2. david says:

    I have no help to offer, but I am very amused that you are having a shootout with the ok_locale.

  3. jr says:

    Which version of spamassassin is yours? I asume 4.0.
    According to ok_locale should be written ok_locales, besides the default would be set to all.

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