A Fish Has No Word For Water

Violet Blue's memoir is now out in paperback, so go buy it! It is heartwrenching, infuriating, and really funny. Here's the first page, which hits the ground running:

There are reasons for San Francisco's homeless crisis, but no one remembers what they are.

My mother was a hacker and Stanford engineering graduate. When I was a little girl, she worked as a radio signal jammer for a US government contractor in Silicon Valley. She was single, so she picked up a second job: negotiating the import and sale of cocaine from South America into the San Francisco Bay Area. My mother was a very popular techie and she took me to all the parties. Her clients made sure I had all the games and computer equipment others only dreamed of. I spent my days as a ten-year-old cutting and packaging large amounts of coke and watching my mother and her tech-elite companions unravel, until someone got shot and then everything fell apart.

I began junior high school fresh out of federal witness protection. By my freshman year of high school, I was homeless and alone on the streets of San Francisco.

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Audio Hijack fuckery

Dear Lazyweb, do you recognize the error "The output device Loopback Audio does not appear to be attached to your Mac"?

That device is indeed no longer listed in Audio Hijack or in system sound preferences.

This is a macOS 10.15.7 Mini that had been working fine until a couple days ago. I haven't intentionally made any changes recently so I don't know what melted. I tried re-downloading Loopback, re-installing ACE, upgrading to Audio Hijack 4.1.1, and rebooting. Same.

I mailed Rogue Amoeba support yesterday, who are usually good about these things, but they haven't responded yet and I'd really like to have this fixed before... 8pm.

Update: Fixed. Turns out there was a "turn it off and then on again" checkbox that I had bonked before rebooting that also wanted a bonk after.

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