Broadcast Signal Intrusion


Hackers Interrupt Raisi's Revolution Day Speech On State TV:

The hacktivist group Ali's Justice (Edalat-e Ali) hacked the broadcast from the state TV and aired the slogan "Death to Khamenei". It also called on the people to withdraw their money from government banks and called on the people to take part in antigovernment protests on February 16.

Max Headroom unavailable for comment.

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Code with swearing is better code.

Jan Strehmel:

We find that open source code containing swearwords exhibit significantly better code quality than those not containing swearwords under several statistical tests. We hypothesise that the use of swearwords constitutes an indicator of a profound emotional involvement of the programmer with the code and its inherent complexities, thus yielding better code based on a thorough, critical, and dialectic code analysis process.

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